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Beavercreek Towing Inc.
Turtle Creek, PA, 15145
(412) 689-5441
Fax (412) 345-0636
Providing 24 Hour Towing to the Pittsburgh Metro Area
Roadside Assistance That We Provide:

Towing: We feature state of the art equipment and
highly trained, professional tow operators that will get
you and your car to where you need to go quickly and
safely. We provide towing to the entire Pittsburgh area.

Lock Outs: Our drivers are equipped with the best
automotive entry tools in the industry. We will get
your car open without damaging the lock. We
constantly update our car database with information
on even the newest models of cars and trucks.
Lockout services are provided 24 hours a day to the
Pittsburgh East Metro area.

Jump Starts: Jump starting can be very dangerous if
it is not done right. Many late models cars feature
extremely sensitive electronics that can be easily
damaged by incorrect jump starting. We use the
manufacturer's recommended methods when jump
starting. Jump Starting provided throughout

Flat Changing: We have the equipment to quickly
come out and place your spare on your vehicle. We
torque all lug nuts by hand using a torque wrench to
ensure the wheel is secured to the manufacturer's

Recovery: If you are stuck in the mud or snow or just
off in a ditch, we can get you back on your way in a
hurry. Proper training is the key to recovering a
vehicle without damaging it. Here are some photos of
a recent recovery in a rural part of Allegheny County.
The Vehicle was more than 60ft. off the road and
turned onto the driver's side. If you have been
involved in a simple accident or wreck, we will be
happy to tow you to the body shop of your choice or
we will gladly recommend a quality shop for you.

Trailer Towing: We can haul almost any trailer for you,
any distance that you require. Who better to TOW for
you than someone that does it EVERYDAY!
Roadside Assistance
Beavercreek Towing
If you have been
involved in an
accident, we will
tow your vehicle to
the body shop of
your choice and
directly bill your
company, you pay
NOTHING out of
CLICK TO CALL US NOW:  412-689-5441
Here are just some of the
many networks for which
we provide Emergency
Roadside Service!!
We provide 24 Hour
Service to the
following Zip

15034, 15035, 15037,
15045, 15085, 15104,
15112, 15120, 15122,
15131, 15132, 15133,
15135, 15137, 15139,
15140, 15145, 15146,
15147, 15148, 15218,
15221, 15235, 15239,
15611, 15623, 15642,
15644  &   15668

If you are not
located in one of
the above zip
codes, give us a
call, we often take
calls outside our
immediate service

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Motorcycle Towing: We are Motorcycle Towing Experts.
We can tow your motorcycle, damage free, 24 hours a
day. We have a custom rig which dedicated to towing
just motorcycles.